Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How It All Got Started....

Happy New Year!!! So I have decided to actually start blogging for 2012. I am so excited about the re-opening of my Etsy shop last year! (I really opened in 2010 but got cold feet) With a lot of support and encouragement from my sister in law Nicole, I decided to give it my all. At first I originally opened up shop to make and sell rag quilts. Business was slow...very slow. I had not one sale for 6 months. I was thinking of new ideas one day and a thought crossed my mind...oh my gosh, I know how to crochet too! I ran out of the house and headed to the craft store for a few things. (few being quite an understatement) I whipped up some hats here and there and listed them. I took a couple to show off to Nicole (who by the way is also a  photographer) and she loved them! Now why the heck didn't I think of this in the first place? Hello? Sister Photographer...needs cute props especially for newborns and children! I started thinking of other "prop" ideas. The sleepy owl came next...and boy was that a huge success! My daughter Amanda (whom we've called Panda since birth) inspired my panda hat. I am very blessed to have Nicole not only as my sister but also as my main photographer. She gives me great ideas from a behind the lens point of view as well as new and fresh ones. Plus I have three nieces and a nephew on call for modeling...tee hee! I am working super hard to add new things weekly. Ever since I added the Sleepy Owl Hat to my shop, I have been hooking non stop! This little creation has me dreaming about hot pink and green! I make so many of these hats! I have quite a few new animals coming soon as well! I have a plethora of ideas written down in notebooks for this years line up and I only hope I can put hook to yarn and get them all done!!! Both mine and Nicole's links are listed under my banner. Go ahead and take a look around. Until next time....happy hooking!

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