Monday, August 6, 2012

RAKJ Patterns has a free pattern blog

The very first pattern I every purchased came from RAKJ Patterns. I came across her Etsy shop while searching for something cute. Well I found a ton of cute patterns in her shop and immediately purchased quite a few of her patterns packs. My collection of her easy and unique patterns has now grown to an outrageous amount. I seriously have lost count.

She has now started a new blog where she posts free patterns! Yes I said FREE! How cool is that? Check it out at Her patterns are awesome!!

You can also see more of her patterns by following these links:

Etsy shop:
Ravelry shop:
Facebook Page:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Now working weekends just through the holidays :)

Since I opened my shop, I have worked weekends and holidays. I would wake up at 5 a.m. and work until midnight and sometimes even 2.a.m.! It began to wear on my relationship with my other half and he finally told me enough was enough. He supported my business but I no longer had time for him or my children. I would be on the phone but not really listening to the person on the other end because I was so consumed with crocheting. It was a constant battle but in the end he had won. I wanted to please my customers and rush everything out right as they ordered it. Just work, work work! I learned that I can still please them and my family if I allow myself enough of a turnaround time.   When they receive their item(s) they know it is well made and that I took time to make certain they will be satisfied with their purchase. If a customer needs a rush order I can accommodate them without losing that sale and they are likely to return. If I have multiple orders in a day, no problem I have that 3 week cushion. I do get busy and receive a lot of custom orders.

I stopped working weekends and holidays and it felt so nice to relax...well after about a month! I will admit it was really hard at first because all I thought about was the business and how many emails I had waiting was I going to lose a sale...I was overwhelmed! Surprisingly, I didn't lose any sales!

Now that the holiday season is sneaking up on us I will be working during the weekends on rush orders (only if the rush order listing is purchased), back stock and some new items ONLY. All regular sales will resume on the next business day. I want this holiday season to be a successful one for me and my customers!