Friday, July 20, 2012

Never to early for Halloween and Christmas

Oh Me...Oh My! I am working hard to get my orders processed and out. Business is starting to pick up for me (which is a little strange since it is summer time...but I have no complaints) I went on a yarn shopping spree today and I cannot believe how much I got for under $40. (I used a lot of coupons) The main purpose for this trip is for my Halloween and Christmas lines. I have a ton of new stuff just begging to be worked up! I cannot wait to get started. I have added quite a few new items to my shop already. I love Calleigh's clips & crochet creations cape sets and will be adding many of them to my shop as time permits. Be on the look out for em'. I already have the turtle cape done and I am in love with it! I am also trying to keep up with all my sites and will definitely try harder to blog a little more.

I just have to say I ♥ what I do and appreciate all the new photos I have received of my products! A Huge thank you to My Framed Photography, Pinky Promise Photography, Shear Perfection Photography and HMN Photography for all the beautiful images!

Well...I'm off to finish a mermaid tail set and hopefully sneak in a new item before working up more orders ;)